A Perfect UK Bucket List: 8 Summer Activities This 2019

A Perfect UK Bucket List: 8 Summer Activities This 2019

summer activities  As the weather warms and the summer breeze draws nearer, start planning your days out with some of our most fun outdoor summer activities!

ArcelorMittal Orbit & The Slide have a fun summer day out at ArcelorMittal Orbit & The Slide- summer activities

Marvel at the UK’s tallest sculpture, The ArcelorMittal Orbit, with amazing views of Alexandra Palace, Epping Forest, Wembley Stadium and more. Not to mention, it’s right next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the London Stadium! You can ride “The Slide”, described as an exhilarating dash to the bottom on the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide this summer.

London Stadium Tour (former Olympic Stadium) 

Top your summer activities list with a fun summer day at London olympic Stadium Tour

Your bucket list of summer activities would not be complete without a trip to the London Stadium Tour, right next to the Orbit! Have the opportunity to walk through the player’s tunnel, race on the indoor running track, see the manager’s dug out and changing rooms. And best of all, dwell on an amazing panoramic view from your seat in the stands. There are lots of great photo opportunities from this Olympic stadium in addition to a free personalised certificate at the end of the tour!

Wembley Stadium Tour have a fun summer day at Wembley Stadium now hows that for a great summer activitites

Wembley Stadium Tour tickets are the must-have item for football fans. This tour includes stops at the backstage areas of the complex, the Press Conference Room, the England Dressing Room, the tunnel leading down to the hallowed turf, and the 107-step ascent to the Royal Box, where the FA Cup is glorified by the captains of winning teams. Along with The Crossbar Exhibition and new ‘The Walk of Legends’ experience, where you can embark on the Stadium’s new multimedia self-guided tour and have the opportunity to witness your favourite players getting ready in the locker room and sit in on a live press conference!

Harry Potter Bus Tour Your list of summer activities just would not be complete without a trip to harry potter london bus tour

Have a magical day with the Harry Potter Bus Tour of London! This 3 hour mini coach tour takes you to see many of the film locations and inspirations from all 8 films. You can check out Kings Cross St. Pancras Station, which was used to film Platform 9 ¾ as well as the sites used for the Leaky Cauldron. Throughout the tour you will have several opportunities to get off the bus, stretch your legs, take pictures and see the locations up close for yourself.

Bicester Village Shopping Express When you think of summer activities, think of The Bicester Village Shopping Express

When it comes to a luxury shopping spree, why not escape the crowds of central London by visiting Bicester Village? With more than 160 elegant boutiques, the only distractions from the serious business of shopping are the cafés and restaurants, where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. On the bus, you will receive a FREE VIP Shopping Pass offering a 10% discount at most stores at Bicester Village. Check out this list of participating retailers now.

Coca-Cola London Eye & 24 Hour River Pass 

have a great day out at london eye

With spectacular views across London, spot the city’s most treasured landmarks as you soar into the sky on the Coca Cola London Eye. This ticket also includes entry to the 4D Experience, an inspiring short film that brings London to life using all the senses. What’s more, you can use your 24 hour river pass to cruise down the River Thames from the Houses of Parliament to Greenwich with unlimited access to the river. Enjoy the guided commentary on board and hop on and hop off at any one of the piers to spend the day exploring all the sights!

Sea Life Aquarium & 24 Hour River Pass 

have a fun day with Sea Life Aquarium

Looking for more summer activities did you say? Well come face to face with sharks and turtles without getting your feet wet at this fabulous underwater world in the Sea Life Aquarium. Soar through colourful coral reefs and anemones of Nemo’s Kingdom and visit the Arctic and see your favourite flightless birds at Penguin point. Also, checkout the Shark Reef to see the sea’s most dangerous predator. Better yet, this voucher also includes the 24 hour River Pass!

Doctor Who Walking Tour of London have a fantastic day exploring with Doctor Who Walking Tour of London

Would you care for a jelly, baby? Or perhaps, a 20% discount to our new Doctor Who Walking Tour attraction? Follow in the footsteps of David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as you explore London with a fantastic Doctor Who guide on this 2 ½ hour Doctor Who Walking Tour of London. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of chances to take pictures and see the locations where Doctor Who is filmed up-close. As part of the tour, you will take a short bus journey, so you will need either a Zone 1 Travel card or an Oyster card.

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