Travel Tips: 8 Hacks To Save You a Fortune on Your Next Trip

Travel Tips: 8 Hacks To Save You a Fortune on Your Next Trip

Travel Tips

We have gathered the most helpful travel tips for you. Because if they say money can’t buy happiness, they probably haven’t set foot on an airplane that’s off to some remote paradise in Southeast Asia or the Caribbean.

To travel is to shell out money. That’s a given. Plane tickets, accommodations, meals, tour packages, even souvenirs—name it, you definitely have to spend for it.

Admit it, some of you would even allot a budget for your OOTD. Not to forget the matching international carry-on luggage perfect for the gram.

But don’t fret if your resources are scarce and your love for travelling is overflowing. You can always find ways on how to cheat your way to trotting around the globe with less expenses.

1. Use last-minute deals

If you happen to be the spontaneous type, booking a last-minute hotel deal won’t stress you out. It’s one of the smartest travel tips and will give you great deals!

In this day and age of digital revolution, an app can save you from your travel expenses woes. There are several apps that come in handy. Especially, when travellers run out of ideas on where they can stay for a night or two without having to break the bank.

Hotel Tonight, for example, allows those with a more flexible schedule to book a room at the very last minute—within the week or even on the same day—and

score the best deals. The app even has a new feature which they launched earlier this year. It lets users upgrade their room with a discount of up to 50 percent.

Another app that budget travellers can turn to is One Night. It came from the same company that gave birth to Standard Hotels which are known for their stylish properties. With this app, booking same-day rooms at chic hotels from 3 pm onward is a breeze.

2. Check for flights on incognito browser

Who said incognito browser is only useful when trying to hide your browsing history from the prying eyes of a lover or your parents? Not anymore.

Travel blogger and adventure junkie Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad has become every budget traveller’s hero. She revealed that one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on flight tickets is to search in a private or incognito browser.

To really maximize this travel tip, change your country of origin to a developing nation with weaker currency. This will maximize your chances of booking the best flight deal. It lets you save up to hundreds of dollars which you can either add on your accommodation expenses or on your souvenir budget. Or you can put it back to your savings account for a trip in the future. did a study in 2018 that reveals the best time to book your flight. And no, it’s not a year before, like most of us have been forced to believe. It’s between three weeks and four months before your desired travel date.

While you’re at it, make sure to book your flight either on a Wednesday or Thursday. That is because according to the study, flying on these days is cheapest.

3. Make a savings plan

Travel Tips

And be serious about it.

If you really want to travel whether locally or internationally, the best thing to do to make sure that you’re ready for it is to create an action plan.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to see when you’re there? How much should you save up for it? Also keep in mind how much you are earning! Consider the portion you are willing to save every month for your travel expenses.

Opening a new savings account dedicated for your t

ravel plans is helpful. With a different account, you’ll know how far you are from achieving that dream trip. Also, it will show you how much is still needed to be saved.

Note that all places are different. That’s one of the most frequently forgotten travel tips. Different places offer different types of adventure for the wandering population. You have to know which specific adventure you’d like to immerse yourself in.

And remember that with each adventure, there is a corresponding cost. Unless you opt to go for the free ones like public parks, or just basking in the sun while reading a book at a local beach, well, you’re basically free to do whatever you want.

4. Join a frequent flyer program

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of joining a frequent flyer program. There are two good reasons for why joining one will save your savings from going zero.

One, it’s free and two, you’ll be able to snag great deals and save a good amount of money.

You’re in for an amazing ride as long as you choose the right frequent flyer program for you—the one which covers the destination of your choice.

There’s this site called the Points Guy where you can learn more about making the most out of your frequent flyer program and how to earn points. Basically, how to win at travelling with smart tricks!

5. Take free sightseeing services

Who says you should always go for the ones with entrance fees? There are free sightseeing services in major cities around the world that you can take advantage of. You’ll find one in New York, Paris, and some European cities like Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin.

Go back to hack #3 and revisit your action plan. You can dedicate one or two days for the free sightseeing activities. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn about the culture!

You can even meet wonderful locals through a hospitality site called Couch-surfing. Ask them for local eats and other secret spots with fewer tourists!

6. Know when to tip

Not all countries have a tipping culture. Sure, you want to be generous and tip the nice and accommodating waitress that helped you enjoy your meal. But is it really necessary in the country you’re visiting?

If you’re in China, you won’t have to worry about it as they are not accustomed to tips. But when you’re in a European country like France, tipping is a must.

Do your research before pulling out a penny from your pocket.

7. Take advantage of free museums

Travel Tips

They say that you’ll get to know more about the culture of the country you’re visiting through their museums. So even if you’re not into art, you’ll appreciate a thing or two about the country—especially, if the museum offers free entrance.

Look for them anywhere and pretty sure you’ll find at least one. Make sure to take advantage of them. Free entrance fees means more money saved.

8. Use the sharing economy

If you’re not so delicate about sharing your space with a stranger, the sharing economy is perfect for you and your money—and believe it when we say, it’ll change the way you think about travelling.

We’re talking about cheaper accommodations because you’ll have to share it with other tourists. Additionally, ride-share options will help you travel with much lesser cost.

Not only can you save your purse from crying, but you can also meet locals. These will show you around spots that are less flocked to by tourists.

Locals will help you find good deals, as well as good meals, because they know their way around. They’re the best tour guides out there, honestly speaking.


Now that you know how to save a fortune on your next travel, make sure to enjoy the rest of the trip!

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