Take on the role of the Household Cavalry

Household Cavalry Experience

The Queen’s Life Guard ceremony is part of the Household Cavalry Experience and has a worldwide reputation as being an essential part of London life – you have to experience it!

Luckily for you, I experienced the perfect way of seeing the ceremony by visiting The Household Cavalry Museum. This gives you the opportunity to ‘ live the experience’ rather than watch it.

The Household Cavalry Museum sits within Horse Guards in Whitehall, central London, one of the city’s most historic buildings.

The ceremony has remained almost unchanged for over 350 years, and the museum also gives you a “behind the scenes” experience- you can dress like a cavalryman, including putting on all the equipment from the helmet to the jack boots. During the visit, you also observe troopers taking care of their horses in the actual 18th century stables and, last but not least, you then get to see the daily inspection of the regiment.

The Household Cavalry Museum is what we call a “living” museum. And that is what makes it so unique and entertaining.

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The cavalry performing their duty