Easter Fun In Devon – The Big Sheep

Easter Fun at The Big Sheep

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The Big Sheep is offering an Easter Eggstravaganza from Friday 30th March-Sunday 15th April with the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny in search of one of the 30,000 chocolate eggs that will be hidden throughout the site. The Easter Egg Hunt is included in entry price for paying customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in this eggciting Easter event!

Visit North Devon’s most popular family attraction to experience the best rides, shows and all weather entertainment in the area! The Big Sheep has a large amount of activities that the kids will love. You can let the kids lose on the custom built Battlefield Devon, have an adrenaline rush on Rampage Rollercoaster, on a rainy day enjoy the EWEtopia Indoor Playground and so much more!

The Big Sheep also provides daily live shows including sheep racing, lamb feedings, beer shows and other events. There’s something for everyone at The Big Sheep! Lucky for you, Smartsave offers free 20% vouchers!

Sheep Racing

Enjoy a day at the races by watching this utterly hysterical sheep race where you can place your bets and cheer on your favourite sheep (complete with jockeys). You can bet using the £ or the Big Sheep currency, the EWE-RO, which is purchased from reception on arrival.

If you’re curious to learn more about the sheep, The Big Sheep also offers an informative sheep show where the rams take the stage to show off what makes their breed special.

sheep race

Lamb Feeding

Are you or your child an animal lover? Then lamb feeding is the perfect experience! Here’s your chance to make friends with baby lambs by bottle feeding them. Sometimes the ewes have given birth to more than one baby and cannot produce enough milk to feed all their lambs, so they need your help!

lamb feeding

Beer Show

Want to enjoy a place strictly for the grown-ups? The Big Sheep brewery shop is the perfect place to go. North Devon’s largest brewer, Country Life Brewery, partnered with The Big Sheep and is now producing over 15,000 pints of ale a week! The beer show explains how the ales are made and then afterwards you can enjoy free samples. The shop also sells bottles of ales and local ciders.

Definitely check out The Big Sheep to see these and additional activities! Click here to get our free 20% off voucher to have a day that everyone in the family will enjoy.

beer show