A meal at Henry VIII’s table

Medieval Banquet Experience

It’s your time to enjoy the Medieval Banquet Experience! Like many others, the Middle Ages have always fascinated me. No matter the age, younger and older people are captivated by the customs and practices that are so different from what we presently know. Have you ever wondered how it was like then?

The Medieval Banquet London offers you the opportunity to experience a historic dinner of the 14th century, as if you had travelled back in time. Everything, including the setting to the menu, comes straight from the Middle Ages. The staging is so perfect we could forget we’re not really in that time.

It allows you to enjoy a four course feast including roasted chicken simmered in its traditional medieval sauce. Ale, wine and juices of a wide variety are also served by dancing wenches.

After tasting the best the banquet has to offer, knights, troubadours and contortionists invite you to have a medieval dance. The music is inspired from the 12th to the 16th century, so everybody undoubtedly finds something to please them.

The Medieval Banquet London pays tribute to history by allowing us to get familiar with the traditions and heritage from thousands of years ago.

Who’s never dreamt of going back in time? The Medieval Banquet London offers you this special opportunity, and Smartsave even gives you a 20% discount to live this unique experience. So, what are you waiting for?


A happy family enjoying the banquet