Incredible Stadium Tours in London

Tour three of the most famous stadiums in London!

London is home to some of the most renowned stadiums in England, and even the world. From the London Stadium, home of the 2012 Olympics, to the 90,000 seat stadium of Wembley, home of the Premier League Championship Match, there are so many one of a kind stadiums found throughout the city. And fortunately, these stadiums offer incredible tours where you can go behind the scenes and experience parts of the stadium not open to the general public. Whether you are a football fan, or just looking for something to do for the afternoon, you will love any of the tours mentioned below! Plus, you can save 20% on any of these tours by using one of our free vouchers found here!

Wembley Stadium Tour

Is it time to stop and smell the roses? Nope. More like time to stop and smell the fresh cut grass of one of the most famous stadiums in the world! As a stadium that can fit 90,000 hopeful football fans desperate to see their team win the championship, or a whole country united to cheer on their national team, it is definitely a sight to marvel at. And luckily, you can take a tour of this extraordinary stadium! On this tour you will be able to walk “in the footsteps of legends”, step inside the players’ tunnel where your idols patiently wait before every match, and venture into the players’ locker room where you will encounter the history of almost a century of football. And all along the way, experience a place that your heroes have dreamt of playing at ever since they first began their careers. So with that I say, welcome to the most famous stadium in England. Welcome to the home of the English National team. Welcome to Wembley!

London Stadium Tour

Ever been in an Olympic Stadium? Odds are you haven’t. Although if you have, well then lucky you! But, the London Stadium, home of the 2012 Olympic games is a must see stop for anybody in London! Now a multi-use venue and the home of West Ham United, the stadium is now vibrant with activity once again. Guests who embark on the stadium tour will get to experience the players’ changing rooms for West Ham United, venture into the heart of the stadium through the tunnel, like many world famous athletes before you, explore the managers dug out, and so much more. Likewise, make sure to soak in the panoramic views from the stands!  Plus, while you are there, why not challenge a friend to a race on the indoor Olympic track! Which of you will get the “gold medal” and join the elites such as Usain Bolt? And which of you will forever be remembered as just second place? In addition, you can explore the rest of what Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has to offer including many other Olympic venues and ArcelorMittal Orbit. And don’t forget to take a photo with the famous Olympic rings while you’re at it!

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour

Stamford Bridge. Home of The Blues, and home of The Champions. Take a tour of Chelsea’s iconic stadium before it becomes too late and they start construction on their new one! During this fantastic tour, you will get to climb up in the stadium for perfect views and photos, walk through the tunnel following the exact footsteps of your favourite players, and enter the dug outs where the players sit each match. Likewise, you will also get to sneak behind the scenes, where the general public isn’t allowed. Get interviewed by your peers in the press room, step into history in the visitors’ changing room where jersey’s from famous footballers who have played at the stadium hang, and see the tour favourite of the home team changing room! You will also get the opportunity to have your photo taken with the Premiere League trophy that Chelsea won this past season! How cool is that!! Well, it’s actually really, really, cool as I’ve just recently taken the tour myself. Plus, when you use our 20% off voucher found here, you will also receive 20% off your food bill at Frankie’s Sports Bar and Diner located at Stamford Bridge. I believe that delicious New York Cheesecake is calling my name right now, actually. So be right back!


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