Fantastic Premier League Stadium Tours

Spend your day at any of these great Stadium Tours from some of the most popular Premier League teams!

Football is a sport known all around the world and is immensely popular in many countries. There are thousands of clubs spread across 6 continents and, fortunately, some of the best and most famous ones are found in England! From Manchester to Newcastle, there are so many great clubs to watch and support. Luckily, many of these clubs offer Stadium Tours where you can go behind the scenes and immerse yourself in the world of the athletes. A world that the general public never gets to see. Below are just a few of our favourite Stadium Tours throughout the country. Plus, you can save 20% on any of these tours by using one of our free vouchers found here!


Manchester United Museum & Stadium Tour

Imagine this: You play for Manchester United and there are 30 seconds left in the match. You are running with the ball being chased by a defender. Nobody else is around you so you have no option to pass. Your only option is to shoot in a last second effort to win the game. You kick the ball with all your might. And it goes in. You’ve scored the game winning goal! All around you, 78,000 fans are cheering. And it’s all because of you.

We’ve all had this dream before. The dream of scoring the winning goal in an important match. And fortunately, you can come close to experiencing this when you take a tour of the Manchester United Stadium, one of the world’s most popular football clubs. When you step inside the Stadium Tour, you will get the experience that the general public doesn’t. The one from the players’ eyes. Step into the players’ changing room where so many of the club’s legends prepared for matches before you. Likewise, partake in the club’s ultimate honour; walking out of the players’ tunnel and following the footsteps of the great reds. Similarly, take in the magnificent view inside the stadium from the heights of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. All this, and more, on your unforgettable stadium tour at the home of The Red Devils. Plus, you can get 20% off at the Museum Souvenir Shop with this voucher as well!


Manchester City Stadium & Club Tour

If red isn’t quite your style, and you prefer more of a light blue jersey, then the Manchester City Stadium Tour is for you! Step into the home of the former Premier League Champions and see all the sights within the magnificent Etihad Stadium, one of the coolest looking stadiums in my opinion. You will get to visit the players’ lounge, step into the press room, and explore the team’s changing room. You will also get to head through the tunnel taking in a view of the stadium that only players get to see and feeling the emotion of 47,000 fans cheering you on. Plus, alongside the 20% you will save using this voucher, you will get a free club lanyard, a self-guided tour around the exhibition, and a handy 10% off in the City Store on the day!


Newcastle United Stadium Tour

Experience the magic of St. James’s Park and learn about its rich history on this guided Stadium Tour starting with an introduction from one of the club’s greatest living legends! You will gain a deeper understanding of the club and its proud legacy through knowledgeable tour guides and a virtual assistant. Highlights of the tour include views from one of the stadium’s highest vantage points, tours of the executive boxes, and a trip to the media suite. Likewise, you will get the chance to sit at their favourite player’s seat in the home team changing room, and walk down the tunnel to the sound of a Local Hero. Plus, you will even get a complimentary Stadium Tour souvenir!


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Each voucher is valid for up to 6 people, so take your family and friends and enjoy!