Vacation like a King in Las Vegas

Vacation like a King in Las Vegas (without losing all your money in an hour!)

Nevada may not be your first thought when it comes to a luxurious vacation destination, but it definitely shouldn’t be your last either! It has a whole lot more to offer than just the stereotypes of casinos and boring deserts. There is the opportunity to see the man made wonder of the Hoover Dam, take in the illuminated beauty of the Las Vegas Strip from the air, and experience what it’s like to be a real detective! All these incredible experiences and more can be easily visited from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. So, you might as well start packing your bags now, because after you read this post, you are going to want a vacation in Las Vegas immediately. Plus, you will even save 20% for up to 6 people by using our free coupons on all the experiences mentioned! Wahoooo!

Las Vegas Strip Night Flight by Helicopter
You can’t visit Vegas without seeing, well, Vegas. And what’s in Las Vegas? The famous Las Vegas Strip of course! Home to the world’s most famous billion dollar mega resorts, the strip provides marvellous views from all around. But how do you plan to see the strip is the real question? You could see it by car and take in the joy of the bumper to bumper stand still traffic. Or you could enjoy a nice walk on the overcrowded pathways in the scorching Nevada heat. While listening to the angry drivers stuck in traffic slamming on their horns right next to you, of course. But let’s be honest, neither of those are enjoyable options. If you are going to see the strip, you have to see it the right way.

And that way would be via an incredible helicopter tour over the city! Board a 5 Star Helicopter and soar across the strip, taking in the massive illuminated resorts that will leave you speechless. The sheer size of the resorts, and the beauty of the strip at night-time is something that has yet to be recreated anywhere in the world, and that’s why it’s so world renowned. Plus, enjoy 180 degree unrestricted panoramic viewing with custom raised seats on your helicopter so you are sure to get the best view humanly possible. Also included is a round of complimentary drinks before you take off in your luxury million dollar helicopter, in case you’re fancying a wine or an ice cold beer. It’s the perfect way to see the strip!

Hoover Dam Premium Tour
Oh dam! <– I’m hoping this is your response when you see first the Hoover Dam, “the greatest dam ever built”, on this half-day bus tour you are going to take with Grand Canyon Tours and Travel using our 20% off voucher on our website. (insert winky face here) This world renowned structure helped change the future of the west and is a must see for tourists visiting the Las Vegas area! But fortunately you are going to see it on that bus tour you are going to take using our 20% off voucher, right? (insert winky face here) Good, that’s what I thought. So on your future tour of the Hoover Dam, you will be able to visit all the attraction has to offer such as the observation deck, the generator room, the exhibition, and more! You will even have the chance to walk over the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge where you can take incredible, picture perfect, photos of the dam! All this and more will be included on your bus tour that you have agreed to take two times already, with our 20% off voucher of course, right? Ok, good, glad we are on the same page! Also, considering you are reading this on a web page, that could be considered a pun. So I hope you are laughing right now and props to me for thinking of that. Ok, I’ve appreciated myself more than enough by now, so on to the next section!

CSI: The Experience – Las Vegas
Hello detective! We need your help! A horrible crime was just committed and we need your help to solve it! During this interactive adventure, you will be able to learn, first-hand, what’s it’s like to investigate a crime scene and be a detective. Led by ex-industry professionals, you will learn all the ins and outs about solving the crime scene and figuring out who did it! During your experience, you will be involved in collecting evidence and utilizing modern day forensic technology and techniques like blood splatter analysis. For those of you that had those childhood dreams of becoming a detective at one point, like me, you are going to love love love this attraction! So go out and solve that crime! Before the perpetrator strikes again! Will you be the next Sherlock Holmes?


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