Animal Adventures in San Francisco

Animal Collage
Both The Aquarium of the Day and the San Francisco Zoo both provide great days out for the family!

San Francisco, The City by the Bay, has become one of America’s most visited cities for tourists and for the right reasons. From its delicious cuisine, to its landmark sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge, it is a crown jewel of the American west coast. But, while many people know to ride a famous San Francisco cable car, or visit Lombard Street, they do not know about the fantastic opportunities to interact with wildlife from the bay area and all around the world. Whether it’s the marine life of the bay you are interested in, or exotic animals from around the world, there is sure to be the perfect animal adventure for you in San Francisco! Plus, you will save 20% for up to 6 people by using one of our free coupons for any of the attractions mentioned below!

Aquarium of the Bay

Splash in and discover the San Francisco Bay like never before! Featuring over 20,000 marine animals, the Aquarium of the Bay is the perfect way to experience what the bay is like below the surface and all the majestic creatures that lie beneath. With three main sections including Discover the Bay, Under the Bay, and Touch the Bay, you will get to experience every aspect of the marine life in the bay. Plus, you can walk through two crystal clear tunnel tanks where they can step underneath the water and witness the views that only scuba divers have gotten to see before. Here you will be surrounded by incredible marine animals on both sides of you as well as above which provides a truly unique experience.

Likewise, the aquarium hosts a wide array of the most incredible marine life the bay has to offer! Guests can wonder at the Giant Pacific Octopus that can change its color in less than a second or take a stop over to see the illuminated beauty created by the Moon Jellies and Pacific Sea Nettles that have no heart, bones, or brains! How do they even live? Guess you have to go to the aquarium to find out for yourself! Similarly, if you’re feeling a tad more daring, head over to see San Francisco’s largest underwater predator, the Sevengill shark. Or if sharks aren’t really your thing, then you can always go watch the playful and adorable otters!

Overall, whichever creature turns out to be your favorite, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time at the aquarium! Plus, remember to catch one of the live otter, shark or bat ray feedings throughout the day! It’s a really cool thing to watch, especially if you have little ones. And the best part is that they are free and included with your admission! Hooray! Also, see what I just did there? Hoo-Ray, and Ray is a type of marine creature. Gosh am I clever!

San Francisco Zoo

One of the most popular animal destinations in all of San Francisco is the zoo! This magnificent animal haven is home to over 1000 exotic and endangered animals! You can essentially travel across the entire globe all in a day’s visit to the zoo! From the Lemurs of Madagascar, to the Koala’s of Australia, to the Snow Leopards of the Himalayan Mountains, and to the local California Sea Lion, this place has them all! They even have the largest population of Magellanic penguins outside of the wild. Cool! And see what I did this time. Cool, because penguins live in cold weather environments. Boy am I just on a roll today! But nowhere else in San Francisco can you go on such an adventure around the world in one day than at the San Francisco Zoo!

In addition, all throughout the day, the zoo hosts a variety of animal encounters, keeper talks, and feedings that are great opportunities to learn more about the various species at the zoo. Likewise, the zoo hosts a wide array of gardens and plant species throughout the property to enhance your visit even further. Also, if you’re feeling hungry during your visit and are craving lunch, then make sure to stop by for a bite to eat at the Leaping Lemur Cafe. The cafe has a diverse menu from burgers and hot dogs all the way to sandwiches and Asian specialities. Plus they are all delicious! But, I must admit, I am sort of biased with anything relating to Lemurs as they are my favorite animal!


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