Experience London by Night

Experience London by Night

London is a drastically different city by night. When I first got onto the London by Night open-top double-decker bus, I wondered if it could really be better than seeing London in the beautiful sunlight. But, it actually turned out to be an astonishing experience.

With the London by Night bus tour I got to see London in a completely different point-of-view. The city completely changes after sunset. When the stars come out and the lights turn on, some magic happens; and it is definitely something to experience.

See London by Night bus tour is probably the only chance you will ever get to see every major site of London in one night only. It is, without any doubt, one of the best ways to end your day – or start off your night.

As clearer and warmer days are slowing approaching, it’s about time to enjoy a night out in London. And did you know that this year the Museums at Night festival was taking place from the 16th to 19th of May? So, May is definitely the perfect month to experience this must-have bus tour before enjoying the after-hours events in museums and galleries; such as gallery gigs or twilight screenings. This special night will provide you with a unique and exciting way to engage with history and culture.

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The spectacular Tower Bridge by night