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New York attractions

Explore New York attractions the right way. Don’t forget to download your free Smartsave coupon to save 20% off on entry tickets

There are so many things to see in New York and almost as many ways to see them! So how is one supposed to see everything they want to and without spending fortunes? Well, have no fear because we are here to help! We have a fantastic array of tour options to help you see the top sights in New York such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, and so many more! Plus, you can save 20% on every one of them to help your budget stay strong and go a lot farther! Maybe you can grab one of those “I Heart NY” shirts now!

Recommendation #1: Empire State Building and Midtown Walking Tour

Enjoy a walking tour of New York’s top attractions and entrance to the Empire State Building on this fantastic tour. You will begin by walking through the iconic Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Along the way you will also walk down 5th Ave and see all sorts of tall skyscrapers and landmarks in the area. Likewise, your guide will tell you about all the landmarks you are seeing and about the history of the area! After you finish your walking tour, you will enjoy entry into the Empire State Building which is always a fan favorite of the tour. On the 86th floor open-air observation deck, you will find yourself above it all and experiencing a once in a life time view. Plus, the 86th Floor has been the setting of dozens of movie and television scenes, as well as tens of millions of unforgettable personal moments.

Recommendation #2: High Line and Meatpacking District Walking Tour

The High Line and Meat Packing District are two hidden gems within New York that are often skipped for ‘bigger and better’ things in the city. Situated near the Hudson River, they are both great options to explore and can help get you away to a more peaceful area, or at least by Manhattan terms. The High Line is a unique and beautiful park that was converted from an old railway line. It is situated 30 feet above the ground and on the walking tour you will get to see all about what this park has to offer. You will also explore the Meatpacking District on the tour. It may be small, but what it looks for in size it makes up for in rich history! Overall, this walking tour makes our list as it covers one of the most special areas in the city that is often overlooked by the average tourist.

Recommendation #3: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Brooklyn and Central Park

On this tour, you will get to see even more of what New York is famous for! You will begin your adventure by exploring the famous Statue of Liberty. Make sure to bring your camera for incredible shots of the statue and the amazing views you will have from there! Next you will aboard a quick ferry over to Ellis Island where millions of immigrants came through in pursuit of “the American Dream”.
After, you will be guided through the best places and well-known landmarks of Central Park that have been the backdrop for many popular Hollywood hits.
Last but not least, enjoy another dramatic view over Brooklyn Bridge and learn more about its construction. You will also discover the trendy Dumbo neighborhood, the new Brooklyn Bridge Park and much more!

Recommendation #4: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, 911 Memorial Museum and One World Observatory

They always say to save the best for last, right? That’s why we saved our favorite tour for our final recommendation of this post! On this mini New York adventure, you will see quite a slew of famous New York attractions including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Thirdly, from the quaint Battery Park, you will embark on a short walk to the One World Trade Center. Here you will have VIP timed access to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and One World Trade Observation Deck. You can take in fantastic views of New York from high in the sky and also pause to reflect on the events that occurred back in 2001.

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