Are you looking for the opportunity to write for a market leader who provide great savings?

Smartsave would like to hear from you! If you’re a travel blogger or writer looking to reach a new audience you have come to the write place. Here at Smartsave, we are now offering bloggers the opportunity to publish articles on our blog.

Anyone can submit stories and posts of their travels and experiences at attractions to us as long as they are well written, and adhere to our guidelines – which you can find below.

What Smartsave are looking for:

  1. Articles MUST be original pieces of work and not published anywhere else on the Internet.
  2. Written content must be a minimum of 1000 words and ideally above 2000 words.
  3. Posts can include a photo essay/video essay, as opposed to written content but please enquire before producing.
  4. Posts should use a conversational tone and include 5 links to useful resources / blogs per 1000 words to support the article and help with promotion.
  5. Smartsave are looking for articles which provide useful tips for specific demographics when travelling and visiting specific destinations / attractions.
  6. Posts that are time sensitive to international holidays, campaigns, etc.
  7. Awesome posts we can share with our email subscribers and Social Media followers.

What are your benefits?:

  1. A platform to share your stories with each post which is published you can add a link
  2. Sharing with Our Community: Your post – insight, tips, advice – will definitely provide  a source of information and can be used as a guide when others are travelling or visiting attractions
  3. Featured Bio: With each post that we publish you will be able to include a short bio (75 word limit) with a link to your preferred social media channels, website, or blog. You will also be able to include a head shot with your bio, which you can submit with any other photos that go along with your post.
  4. Download our 20% off vouchers to attractions across the UK and US. Our vouchers never expire – so you can use them whenever it suits you.

What to expect after submitting your work:

1. If your work has been accepted, we will contact you via email to provide requirement details for the article.
2. After your draft is submitted we will be in contact with you to request any edits/changes, photos and any other details we many need from you for your blog.
3. Keep in mind that ALL content MUST be original and unpublished work.

What are you  waiting for?

If you have an idea/story you want to share get in touch with us and we’ll get this under way! Simply email us to with the subject line: Guest Blogger!