A Night to Never Forget at Medieval Banquet

Want to feel like you’ve been transported back in time? Then I would highly recommend going to the Medieval Banquet for a night filled with song, laughs and great food. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people came dressed for the occasion; and if you didn’t, Medieval Banquet offers costumes that you can buy!

When we entered the banquet a wench escorted us to our table as they prepare for the show to start. We grew more and more excited for it to begin as we saw a noble knight, a robed person wearing a plague mask, a juggling jester, and an amazing contortionist; we even got the opportunity to sit at the head table with the king himself!

The night began with us pledging allegiance to the king through song before our wench brought out the first of four courses. If you’re expecting the food to be mediocre and the focus to be all on the entertainment, you are completely wrong. The food was absolutely delicious – and they offer vegetarian, Halal meat and gluten-free options!

In between courses is when the majority of the entertainment happens. There was one guy who at first juggled, then spun around on small pegs using only one hand and finally juggled while doing a headstand on a small peg! Another one of the entertainers was an incredible contortionist who did tricks in a ring and on mat; our mouths were on the floor with how talented she was. The king and fair maiden serenaded us with their beautiful voices as we watched the entertainment unfold.

At the end of the night we even got to witness a swordfight! Three knights went up against each other in a series of thrilling combats that left the crowd cheering for their favourites. After the entertainment finished the hall turned into a dance party with fun music and flashing lights. The banquet was filled with laughter, singing and dancing – everybody was having an amazing time.

If you’re looking for a unique night out packed with laughter, food and a great atmosphere, then I would whole-heartedly recommend going to the Medieval Banquet. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget! Lucky for you, Smartsave offers 20% off vouchers. What are you waiting for? Book your place at Medieval Banquet today!