Step into a 5-Star Immersive Theatre Show – The Faulty Towers Dining Experience

Have you ever seen the famous English TV show called Fawlty Towers? Whether you watched it as a kid or never saw an episode in your life, the Faulty Towers Dining Experience will delight you.

Based on the 1970’s comedy set in the Fawlty Towers Hotel in Torquay, featuring a very stressed manager Basil Fawlty who is trying to run his hotel with his scolding wife Sybil and his not so clever Spanish waiter Manuel. It’s been recreated in the centre of London as the Faulty Towers Dining Experience and a great night out is pretty much guaranteed here!

The Smartsave Team experienced it for you!

Even before we sat at our table, the show was already in full swing. The three actors were perfectly getting into their character’s shoes, depicting the show’s atmosphere as if we had stepped into the TV back in the 70’s.

Between his misinterpretations and stupidity, the Spanish waiter Manuel is probably the funniest character. His very limited knowledge of the English language gives birth to unexpected situations and comic misunderstandings, which Mr. Fawlty is desperately trying to solve without losing his temper – without much success of course. His wife Sybil is not of the greatest help, pushing him to the limit criticizing and pointing out his incompetence. While everything seems to go wrong, dinner – including a soup starter, a main course and a dessert – is still served to the guests, all of them roaring with laughter.

Only a third of the show is scripted in advance, leaving acres of room for improvisation and the actors’ imagination, which makes every performance unique. This tribute to the famous Fawlty Towers comedy is a living theatre show in which the public is involved in and encouraged to participate. Mixing the pleasures of eating and having fun is definitely done with great success at the Faulty Towers Dining Experience and whether you’ve seen the show or not, you will laugh your socks off at Mr Fawlty’s hotel.

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