Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary


What makes the year 2016 an exciting time? It is officially the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare. Come to Shakespeare Globe which will be co-hosting the 10th world Shakespeare congress along with King’s College London, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.

We celebrate Shakespeare as creator of plays and poems, characters and ideas, and words and worlds. In the centuries since Shakespeare’s death scholars, thinkers, writers’ artists and performers alike re-created him.

Come join the Congress’s rich programme of lectures, seminars, panels, workshops, events and performances that will take place in Stratford –upon-Avon. Have a chance to engage with current Shakespeare performances, criticism and pedagogy, and connect with fellow Shakespeareans from around the world.


Looking for more? Starting Friday April 22nd– Sunday April 24th, walk through Shakespeare’s London brought to life by actors. Hear some of Shakespeare’s most compelling speeches, and Elizabethan love poetry. Together with the contemporary streets and London’s hidden history you can be lead to historic places familiar to Shakespeare himself.


If that’s not enough over the spring weekend of April 23rd and 24th the banks of Thames will come alive with even more celebration as Shakespeare’s Globe invites the world to join The Complete walk.  37 screens will be set up along a 2.5 mile route between Westminster and Tower Bridge.

These screens will play a series of specially made 10 minute film clips.  They will be played on loop throughout the weekend so you can join for the entire route or dip in and out as you please.  These clips will also star some of the world’s finest actors. It will explore an aspect of one of Shakespeare’s plays and will include scenes shot in the locations Shakespeare imagined when he wrote them.  The Complete Walk will be an interactive journey through Shakespeare’s life and work exactly 400 years on from his death.


Did you know that the Globe’s unprecedented world Hamlet tour returns home for a weekend of celebratory final performances? Yes you heard right. To celebrate the 400th year the cast has returned from performing in all corners of the world just to spark discussion and joy for the last time at its home place. Demands for tickets are high and this is something you don’t want to miss, so get your tickets soon!


Still haven’t convinced you? There will be a Shakespeare cruise thanks to City Cruises.  Daily from now until April 30th you can enjoy a 50 minute cruise featuring Shakespeare sonnets, sketches, and scenes. See a montage of Shakespeare’s insults a scene built of insults from a variety of plays including Winter’s Tale and Much Ado About Nothing. The ship boards from 11:15-16:15, except for 14:15 throughout the day.  The ship leaves about every hour from Bankside Pier.

There is so much to do to honour and celebrate the world’s greatest playwright of all time.  What better way to celebrate his 400th month then participating in any of these activities, after all Shakespeare only has a 400th year anniversary once.