Fun Ways to Break Your New Year’s Resolution

Two weeks into the New Year, you’re beginning to regret those resolutions you made at the drop of the ball. Luckily for you, January 17 is Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day. To celebrate, we’ve uncovered some great ways to break your resolutions with a bang.

1 – Be nicer: Insult generator apps

Perhaps you took our prior advice and decided to compliment somebody each day. Well, being nice isn’t for everyone and if you’ve already grown sick of acting sweet, don’t fret. Download one of the numerous insult generator apps for your Smartphone. They come in all sorts of styles, from a Shakespearean insult generator, to pirate themed, to Old English style. If you want to trick yourself into thinking you’re still being nice, you can even try out the backhanded compliment generator!

2 – Eat healthier: Blue Star Donuts and the Beast
The Beast Burger
Fill that gap with the Beast burger. If you can finish it in one sitting, you probably wont need to eat again for at least a month.
Flick DeepBlueC

After a few weeks of counting calories, make up for lost time by snagging a gourmet donut from Blue Star Donuts in Portland, Oregon. Though the menu constantly changes, past hits have included dulce de leche hazelnut and bacon-topped maple-glazed donuts.

Any Londoners looking for an unhealthy challenge should check out Blacks Burgers’ Beast. If seven pounds of beef topped with an inordinate amount of cheese, bacon strips, seven whole tomatoes and lettuce sounds excessive, don’t forget about the chips and full size milkshake that accompany the hamburger. Polish of the Beast and you’ll have inhaled a good week’s worth of calories

3 – Get fit: Coming soon to your Telly

Before you purchase a gym membership that will probably get used twice, take a look at what’s scheduled to air this year. The long-awaited Season 3 of “Sherlock” is set to premiere January 1 for UK residents and January 19 for those in the US. January will also see the debut of the final season of “How I met Your Mother” for those in the UK as well as the US release of Downton Abbey. So are you really going to hit the gym when you could bunker down on your coach to watch some of these TV hits? We didn’t think so.

4 – Cut back on chocolate: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Max Brenner Chocolate hugmug
Go on… indulge in your favourite treat, we know you want to.
Flickr avlxyz

Surely your sweet tooth is aching after a couple weeks of turning down your favourite dessert. Well if you just can’t resist any longer, no grocery store chocolate bar will do for breaking your resolution. Go full out by indulging in chocolaty goodness at one of Max Brenner’s Australian Chocolate Bars. The extensive menu of chocolate treats offers everything from milkshakes to chocolate shots to chocolate pizzas. You will never dream of saying goodbye to chocolate again.

5 – Become more productive: Puako, Hawaii

Why spend your time working harder when you can relax on a beautiful island beach, soaking up the sun rays and listening to tropical birds sing to you? The little-known Puako Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii provides a perfect, secluded getaway spot where you can escape from the real world and binge on Belgian waffles, Kona coffee, and scrumptious island cocktails.