5 Things to Avoid on a Sunny Day

With the arrival of April comes decidedly un-Londonish weather. Gone are winter’s scarves and mittens in favour of lighter jackets and longer strolls. And in honour of the sunny days ahead, we’ve compiled a list of five things NOT to do when the weather turns beautiful.

london blossom - akabei

1. Spend the day getting lost in Harrods

Sure, Harrods is quite the spectacle at Christmas, and yes, the clothes are breathtaking, but this is no time for a cosy day in! Instead, pop in for a quick treat at the ice cream bar on the mall’s second floor and then take your walk outdoors to nearby Hyde Park. Wander around until you find the rose garden, which should be in full bloom.

2. Take the Underground

When the winter’s chill is in the air, the inside of a tube car seems warm and inviting. Come spring, however, it becomes a crowded, sweaty mess. Take your journey outside – you would never know how close Leicester Square and Covent Garden are if you’re stuck to the Underground.

3. Indulge in classic fish and chips

Let’s be honest here. The December to January bulge can be bundled up with winter coats, but now we’re all showing a little more skin. Shorts and sundresses are among the least forgiving outfits for one too many pints down at the pub or that extra order of chips. For a lunch that fits your spring style (and the ever-present spectre of swimsuit season) make your way to one of London’s myriad farmers’ markets. Brixton’s offering boats sunny reggae music, colourful product and a casual vibe.

4. Spend ANOTHER night in a dark publondon cocktail - hotel de la paix Genave

We know what you’re thinking. ‘Pubs are part of the London Experience,’ you say. ‘You can’t deprive me a pint with the boys!’ True. All we’re saying is there’s something bleak about foresaking the (however brief) appearance of the spring sun to spend the evening in the same Taylor Walker joint. Sip your drinks in one of London’s stylish rooftop bars. The Dalston Roof Park, for one, lives up to its name with plent of flora and fauna to spare – not to mention a frozen margarita machine.

5. Take the kids to a museum

We can practically hear you putting your foot down on this one. Before you start in on how educational the Natural History Museum is, think of how your kids will be whining to get outside after the winter’s quarantine. That’s enough to put you off a family outing. If you’re determined to get some learning in, pack up the family and let them loose in the London Zoo, just north of Regent’s Park. The worst you’ll get is one of the little ones begging to bring home a new pet.