Shopping in New York

New York City, a place of endless possibilities, excitement and shopping! The hustle and bustle of this vibrant city is brimming with fantastic shopping venues from vintage in Soho to luxury at Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Whether you’re travelling in a town car, taxi, or a city bus there is something for you. New York is a shopper’s paradise, and here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction.
Explore the boutiques of New York!
Explore the boutiques of New York!

Department Stores

There’s nothing like retail therapy when it’s all under one roof. The Big Apple offers a wide selection of merchandise in the world famous department stores scattered across the city. From house-ware and accessories to cosmetics and latest fashion trends you’ve got everything. If it’s the chic and trendy clothing that you’re after at Barney’s and Bloomingdales or the super sales at Macey’s, this dynamic city has a department store for every fashonista’s style and budget. But be sure to have your walking shoes on because these department stores are monstrous!

West Village’s Meatpacking District

This neighbourhood fulfils the New York image as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Luxury retailers, cutting-edge fashion, designers, food and culture by day and exceptionally lively nightlife by night; the district is constantly buzzing. This neighbourhood has transformed into an elegant boutique-filled district allowing you to free your retail rampage with sophisticated designs, world-renowned brands and quirky little shops.

Downtown Soho

Vibe, excitement, passion for fashion and so much more, there really is nothing to compare to the energetic atmosphere of the NYC Soho shopping district. With elegant architecture, loft-like spaces and cobblestoned streets all influenced by the strong artistic vibe, shopping in Soho is an experience like no other. This versatile shopping arena boasts vintage with art on the streets and chic in trendy boutiques. Just be ready to have your expectations exceeded.


The East Village – Boho vibes, street markets and tattoo parlours. Every part of New York has its own persona and the hipster East Village is definitely one worth having a peek at. The permanent street markets with vintage shirts and jewellery are full of funky and affordable things. It’s a village with an edge and excitement.

Nolita – Style, glamour and elegance with a hippie- chic style; yet another shopping neighbourhood. Although Nolita and Soho are part of the vintage family, its cobbled streets of endless boutiques may be cute but they aren’t cheap; it’s vintage with a price.

New York really is a shopping haven whether you’re window shopping, therapeutically shopping or you’re just a full on shopaholic, it’s full of life and pure shopping paradise.