Planet Hollywood – A Dining Experience

Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood is a unique dining experience found in London’s West End

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to eat dinner at Planet Hollywood in London, England. Although, to be honest, it’s a whole lot more than just your average dinner at a restaurant. It’s a dining experience! And one not to be missed! Featuring delicious American Cuisine, such as a pulled pork BBQ sandwich (one of my personal favorites), it’s sure to delight your taste buds! And every single one of them by that, even that stubborn one in the back left corner. (Pro tip: Make sure to upgrade your normal fries to Sweet Potato Fries, they are delicious!) Plus, the food is very reasonably priced! Much cheaper than some of the other restaurants in that area which makes it a great place to splurge and not break the bank!

Although, while the food is very good, it’s not what makes Planet Hollywood truly special. It’s the atmosphere that makes the place the global phenomenon it is today. Alongside all the walls of the restaurant, there are real movie props hanging up from some of the most popular movies of our time. This includes props from Star Wars, Terminator, and much more! (Pro tip: make sure to take a stroll through the restaurant to see all the memorabilia after you’ve paid for your meal. And bring a camera!) This is, of course, in conjunction with the dozens of screens and projectors playing music videos from your favorite songs while you dine. (Pro tip: You can also text a message wishing a family member a happy birthday or the like and it will appear up on a large screen. Just look for the simple instructions while you are there.)

Likewise, upstairs there is a celebrity hand print wall where the whole family can see whose handprint they match! Personally, my hands were the same as Bruce Willis. So might as well just star me in the next Die Hard movie! But, as you hopefully see, Planet Hollywood is a one of a kind dining experience that is not to be missed if you are in London’s West End. Plus, by simply printing out a free Smartsave voucher, you can save 20% on your entire meal for up to six people! So take your family and friends and enjoy!