A last minute invite has left you scrambling for a worthy costume to don. Fear not! We’ve picked out our ten favourite quick costume ideas that will ensure you leave your house looking hilarious if not spookily spectacular.

iphone costume
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1.      Human iPad

Show off your tech-savvy side when you dress up as a human iPad. Simply dress in all black and tape on some of your favourite apps – printed or drawn – and you’re ready to go. This colourful costume can be as unique and creative as you desire.

2.       Go as Yourself

Does your favourite hobby have its own attire? Extracurricular activities make for perfectly simple costumes. Put on your apron and go as a chef. Or gear up in your sports uniform or dance outfit, add some extra grime or glitter (respectively, of course), and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

3.       Big Kid

This one works for all ages. Let your kids choose an outfit from your closet and waltz around town as adults for the night. Brief cases and purses can double up as trick-or-treat bags.

The older crowd can jump in on this age swap, too. All you need are pyjamas and a stuffed animal or that old blankie you refused to get rid of, and voila! you’ve been swept back to your childhood.

4.       Glamorous Gypsy

To really stand out this year, whip out your brightest baggy clothes and turn yourself into a gypsy. Wrap your most colourful scarf around your neck and pull on a flowing skirt. Of course, what’s a gypsy without jewellery? Go overboard with glitzy bracelets and glamorous necklaces to complete the outfit. With endless fashion choices for this costume, you’ll have a blast creating the perfect look.

5.       Classic Nerd

This timeless costume never gets old. If you need an especially quick costume, the classic nerd is always a perfect go-to. Plus, there are countless ways to pull off the look. Any combination of thick-rimmed glasses, high-wasted pants, dorky socks, pocket pens, suspenders, and slicked back hair will do the trick! With little effort and even less time, you can head out as the classiest nerd around.

6.     Tacky Tourist

Add a money pouch to literally any outfit and you’ve instantly turned yourself into a tourist. Of course, don’t be afraid to go all out on this one. Include some socks and sandals, an obnoxious floral shirt, and goofy sunglasses for the full effect. Don’t forget to grab your disposable camera and take pictures of everything and everyone throughout the night. Not only will you fully embody your inner tourist, but you’ll have an entire roll of photos to remember the night by.

For those expecting a more dreary and drizzling night, we’ve even found a few costumes that will help keep you dry.

7.       Mary Poppins

Who doesn’t love the singing nanny? Capture her classic look with a dark skirt, white blouse, and red bowtie. If you’ve got one, decorate a black hat with flowers for an extra touch. Don’t leave the house without your black umbrella! It completes the look, plus keeps you dry as you venture through the streets. People will be lining up in no time to hear you sing one of their favourite Mary Poppins tunes.

8.       Fisherman

Simply deck out in boots and a rain coat (bright yellow if you want to go all-out) and call yourself a fisherman. Tote around a stuffed fish or a fishing pole, and there will be no doubt about who you are. This costume is so easy, it’s scary.

Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper
Flickr: insapphowetrust

9.       Tight Rope Walker

Time to dig out that tutu you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Combined with a leotard and tights, you really don’t need much else to complete this circus look. Just be sure to try to walk with one foot in front of the other and use your umbrella for balance and you’ll be tight-rope walking like a pro in no time.

10.   Grim Reaper

Of course, we had to include everyone’s favourite creepy costume, the Grim Reaper. Wrap up in your darkest cloak – heck, even a big black blanket will do – and grab your scythe. If you’re feeling extra spooky, throw on some face paint to really get into character. Then head on out and strangers will be watching you over their shoulders all night long.