Easter Holiday at Shakespeare’s House

April is approaching and the weather is getting warmer. Embrace spring with open arms and enjoy all it has to offer.  Come visit the Shakespeare’s Houses and Gardens. Going on now through April 5th there will be many Easter activities for the family to join.  Make sure to stop at these 5 places:
The Stratford shakespeares birthplace in England

Shakespeare’s Birthplace/ Shakespeare Tavern:

Yes, you heard right, Shakespeare’s Birthplace was once a tavern! Come and celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare’s legacy in the pop up pub. Discover Tudor tavern food and brewing techniques. There will be music and dancing too!

Mary Arden’s Farm:

Come to the farm to decorate your very own Shakespeare eggs! Get into the Holiday spirit by painting an egg like a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays. With many characters to choose from the options are endless.Anne-Hathaways-Cottage

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage:

Here you will discover the Victorian descendants of the Hathaway’s. This cottage is home to 13 generations of Hathaway’s.  You can dress up as a Victorian and discover more about the characters who once lived in the cottage. With nine acres of gardens there is always something fun to do and something new to explore.  Check out the Lavender maze, the sculpture garden and the woodland walk.  It is here at the Hathaway’s cottage from 12:00-16:00 during the Easter holiday that the family tents are set up with games, quests, and crafts for all ages.  Be sure to take advantage of all the activities.halls croft stratford

Hall’s Croft

Learn all about Tudor Fashion with a ‘What not to wear ..Tudor style’.  Dress up mannequin to rock the runway or dive into the bin yourself and play dress up and turn yourself into a Tudor.harvard-house

Harvard House

At the Harvard house from 12:00-16:00 you can make and design  Tudors favourite food. Tudors had  sweet tooth and favourite food was marzipan. See f the extravagant designs Tudors used and then have a go at making your own marzipan fruits , tiles and figures.

There is so much to see and explore, so don’t miss out! Have a fun day and make a lot of memories .