Christian Louboutin Exhibits at the Design Museum

LouboutinFrench shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, famous for his trademark red soles, is exhibiting 20 year’s worth of designs at the Design Museum in London this week.

Celebrating the opening of his first shoe shop in Paris 20 years ago, the exhibition will showcase a number of designs all unique to the Louboutin brand.

Head of Curatorial Design at the Design Museum, Donna Loveday worked to put the exhibition together, which will centre on the process of footwear design from initial sketch to factory manufacture.

Loveday took a trip to interview Louboutin in the original shop in Paris where the brand first began. It’s been said that Louboutin has 3,000 women who each own 500 pairs and that one owns more than 6,000 pairs. She said: ‘I do know who she is, but I’m not allowed to say.’

An earlier article in the Sun reveals that the mystery Louboutin shoe hoarder is none other than the romantic novelist, Danielle Steel.

With no formal design qualifications, Louboutin’s magic stemmed from a genuine passion for the empowerment of women.

And Louboutin was destined to be a star brand from the start. His first customer back at his Paris store was Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Speaking of the iconic red sole he said: ‘It didn’t take me long to learn from my customers that the red soles were very popular with men.’

The design museums next event will showcase a number of budding young designers with a creative brief that focuses on being thrift and will force them to think carefully about the materials they use.