5 Ways to Use the London for Less App

A complete and interactive guidebook to London featuring hundreds of Smartsave discounts. A free app to make your city trip that little bit more enjoyable.

Here are 5 great ways in which it can improve your trip:

  • TRAVEL – we all know that big cities can be tricky to navigate. The London for Less app includes a fully searchable street map and an official tube map so you can organise your travel plans on the hoof.
  • DISCOUNTS  – Perhaps you’ve printed off a Smartsave discount voucher and have changed your mind? Or maybe you can’t decide where you want to go.  Well, all you have to do is show the app at one of our discounted attractions / restaurants and your 20% off is guaranteed.
  • FREE – It’s difficult to save money while trying to see the best of what London has to offer. Aside from the discounts available, the app is free to download and functions completely offline; so if you’re travelling from abroad you won’t incur any costly data-roaming charges.
  • INTERACTIVE – It’s all very well having a map in your hand, but why not go one step better and have a map that can tell your current location? With built-in GPS capabilities, London for Less allows you to see where you are in the city, making it a whole lot easier to navigate your way to your favourite places.
  • EASY – The last thing you want when exploring such a vibrant place is a complicated application that means you’re looking down rather than admiring your surroundings. This app is easy to use – you can search discounts, restaurants, top attractions, transport links etc. And the maps allow you to see what’s nearest and easiest to get to.

If you want to make your life easier and have all the information you need at your fingertips then downloading London for Less is a no brainer!

You can find more information on this app and all our other apps at forlessguides.com. Or if you’re itching to download the app now, it’s available on the app store.