5 Great Ways to Avoid Congestion During the Games

traffic-jamIf you’re more worried about traffic congestion than how many medals Great Britain win this summer then now is the time to start planning your escape. To avoid the delays and frustrations that are sure to come, take time out for yourself and make this summer a congestion-free one you’ll never forget!

Take a Summer Holiday

If you’ve been stockpiling your annual leave because you just can’t seem to find any time to take off, then now is the time to take it all! Fly off to Spain or Italy and warm your bones in the sun. Unwind during a weekend away. If you can’t bear the thought of having to watch any Olympic coverage, leave Europe entirely and fly to the more exotic Kenya or Thailand in late July for a memorable holiday, leaving you free from the hassle of the Games.


Olympic Games are good for one thing, they provide the perfect excuse for you to work from home this summer and if just hearing about the predicted congestion makes you want to curl up in bed and never leave again, well why not? Ask your boss if you can work remotely during the Games. With technology these days, you can keep in touch via email or phone and if you need to work face-to-face simply download one of the many free videoconferencing programs available and it will be like you’re in the office!

Attend a Summer Festival

With preparations for the Olympics heating up, there is no better time to escape into the countryside. Party it up at the Reading Festival while enjoying the open spaces of Britain’s rolling hills and patchwork fields; quite the opposite to the congested London underground. Explore new music or wander through charming country villages and put high-stress London firmly out of your mind.

Take a Different Route

If there is absolutely no way you can avoid London this summer then to make your journey as pleasant as it can be, try taking a different route through to your destination. Motorists have been advised to start avoiding central London beginning in mid-July (two weeks before the Games start!), so if you normally drive, then now is the time to take the tube or the bus (avoiding the major stations of course!). But with more trains running later, more buses, and new cycling stations popping up all over London, it shouldn’t be difficult finding something that works for you.

Most of all… Plan Ahead

To make the best of the summer Games, plan ahead. Find out what’s likely to be delayed or congested. Check which Transport for London for the latest updates, at least then you will know which lines and routes are experiencing delays.