Tower Bridge – The Most Famous Bridge

Step inside Tower Bridge, where you can learn all about what makes the bridge so special and marvel at the stunning views from the top

Step inside one the most famous bridges in the world, Tower Bridge. You know – the one that many unsuspecting tourists are always calling London Bridge, even though that’s a completely different bridge. Tower Bridge Exhibition is a one of a kind experience within the city of London that is accompanied by its famous views of the city.

The experience begins in the North Tower where visitors can watch a short film about the history of the bridge. Next up is my personal favourite, the east and west walkways over the bridge. Here you’ll be able to marvel at spectacular views of famous landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Monument to the west and Canary Wharf to the east. Definitely have your camera on hand for this part! Likewise, visitors can marvel at the brand new glass floor installed in the walkways. Here you can gaze upon the traffic below from 42 meters above the River Thames! That is, if you’re brave enough. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even get to witness the bridge opening and closing from above through the glass floor! This was definitely the highlight of my visit. Fortunately, team members at the experience are very helpful in letting you know the next time that the bridge will be lifted so you don’t miss out!

Once you have finished taking in the sights along the walkways, you can make your way to the South Tower where visitors will get to watch a short film about the construction of the bridge. Then, finally, it’s down to the engine rooms to complete your tour. This was another favourite of mine as I found it fascinating to learn about how they actually open the bridge and the mechanics behind it.

Overall, Tower Bridge is the perfect outing for a day spent vacationing in London. Plus it is one of the most affordable attractions in the city to take the family to. Especially with the extra 20% off you will save by downloading this free Smartsave voucher valid for up to 6 people! Plus, you can also save 10% in the gift shop on any purchase of £4 or more! So take your family and friends and enjoy!