The spooky fest of Halloween is almost upon us when witches, ghosts and zombies come out of their graves to scare us into handing over sweets and money on our doorsteps.

Why not do something different this Halloween, there are a frightening number of things to do in London this year and we’ve picked treats with prices low enough to not scare you stupid.

Have a blood-curdling Halloween!

Halloween pumpkin tree
Flickr: H_Elise

The London Dungeon

For those feeling especially brave, the London Dungeon plan to hold their biggest and scariest Halloween celebration ever. Offering a program running for 6 weeks there is no excuse not to pop in and go on a both historical and thrilling journey where talented actors, live shows and a terrifying setting are waiting to scare the pants off of you. Come with your kids or- if you want some more spooky stuff, choose the evening shows with your friends. Steel your nerves and get ready to face the most sinister characters of London’s harrowing past.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Need to keep your little monsters entertained over Halloween? Then why not visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not!- one of London’s weirdest attractions. New for 2013, interactive elements are included into the over 700 authentic artefacts such as the biggest mirror maze the city has to offer and a brand new laser race. But also the collection of paintings by Mexican artist Enrique Ramos who was a specialist of drawing pumpkin seeds and quail egg shells will contribute to the right Halloween feeling. On top of that, the collection of shrunken heads will ensure to leave your children howling with delight.

Halloween at the London Bridge Experience

For all thrill seekers among you, look no further. Known to be the UK’s number one scare attraction, the London Bridge experience guarantees a hardcore paranormal experience-even if you consider yourself a dedicated horror fan. If you like being scared witless then you are definitely at the right address. Join Phobophobia for a spine tingling journey of spiders, snakes and Jack the Ripper waiting on the corner. For a more ‘normal’ time, check out the ‘Family Friendly Experience’ and explore the deep tombs with your kids or take them to face painting and pumpkin carving for a more relaxed, less petrifying Halloween.

Boo at the Zoo

From Saturday 27th to the 4th of November the famous London Zoo will transform itself into a spooky garden with various thrilling activities and animal demonstrations! See some of the Zoo’s creepy inhabitants including owls, bats and snakes and take part at the Big Draw where your kids can create eerie pictures and even have the chance to win some amazing prizes for the most frightening works! Listen to scary stories together and join one of the numerous enrichment-making workshops for some creative fun!

Halloween at Union Chapel

To get into the right Halloween spirit, don’t miss out on the numerous promising events at the Union Chapel in Islington. Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining evenings will be A Halloween Screening of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which is being held on Saturday 26th of October. The dark atmosphere of Union Chapel in the evening makes this the perfect venue to witness a shape-shifting alien inhabiting the bodies of it’s victims – this is set to be both a fun and frightening night out and one not to be missed. Check out the official website for more creepy acts such as Fabio Frizzi’s band or the Iconic Horrors for some weird and wonderful music.

Jack the Ripper Tour of London

Step back in time to the year 1888. 5 women were murdered, an unstoppable serial killer was on the loose and the whole city was in shock. For all you lovers of the super gruesome – get ready. Prepare yourself for an extraordinarily terrifying journey through the history of the world’s most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper.  There is no better way to spend the scariest night of the year than exploring the mystery of this dreaded man alongside the company and deep knowledge of a top expert guide. Walking through the sinister streets of London’s East End and listening to the full story of Jack the Ripper will make you look constantly over your shoulder and add to your unique Halloween experience.