Classic London Tour -Open Top Bus Tour
Classic London Bus Tour -Open Top Bus Tour

The Classic London Bus Tour – A 75 minute learning experience!

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As you walk up the steps of the noticeably original double decker bus, the sound of Opera Music is heard playing through the speakers underneath your seat. Even though I got there extremely early, the staff was extremely understanding and let me wait on the top deck. This kindness and relaxed attitude would be a theme of the tour.

The Classic London Bus Tour runs for about 75 minutes and takes you all over the city of London. PRO TIP: On those typical London days when the sun is out but it is still deceivingly windy, sit towards the front in the open air section. This part still offers all the panoramic views of open air seating, but shields you from the blistering wind that can slap you in the face as the bus picks up speed. I learned this lesson very quickly at the back of the bus.

The tour itself was a breeze. The Classic London Bus Tour guide Joe ,dressed in a top hat and Union Jack bow tie,  was knowledgeable and the facts that he gave were filled with history lessons on the Great Fire of London, Number 10 Downing Street, and the statues in Trafalgar Square. What I really enjoyed were the references to pop culture mixed in as well. He shared some fantastic titbits pertaining to Harry Potter, Charlie Chaplin, and Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney that you might not necessarily have knowledge of. His light humour and candour made the ride much more enjoyable than just someone reading off a script.

Overall if you are lucky enough to catch the tour on a bright and sunny day, you ‘ll enjoy fantastic views and take beautiful photos. This trip was relaxing and enjoyable, and something that any tourist or local can enjoy and learn from.

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