Ten Great Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is set to be the number one city break location of 2013. And will certainly make for a memorable vacation. For the best day out in Amsterdam, here is a list we’ve put together for some of the things to experience whilst you are there.
Summer in AmsterdamFlickr - Earcos
Summer in Amsterdam
Flickr – Earcos
Step back in time

If you want to explore the history of Amsterdam, there are two great museums that expose the colour past of the city. Amsterdam’s Histrorisch Museum charts the urban evolution from the last eight centuries using unique objects such as 700 year old shows. Another option is the Joodes Historisch Museum which maps out the history of Judaism in the Netherlands through photos, paintings and artefacts,.

Escape in meandering canals

On your list of things to do in Amsterdamshould be experiencing the 165 canals that encircle the city. The waterways act as borders dividing the various artistic areas. If you are after for the most pretty canal then escape to Prinsengracht which is surrounded by eclectic houseboats and beautiful trees.

Get your skate on

Skating is a must during a visit to Amsterdam and there are plenty of venues to choose from.  Those that visit in winter can enjoy gliding on the frozen canals or taking part in the annual Elfstedentocht, a 200km race along the narrow city canals. If you prefer indoor ice rinks the most popular is Thialf in Heerenvee which is always full with tourists and locals.

Art attack

Amsterdam has a very active street art scene and is a great way to learn about the city’s culture.  Art is represented in every area in town through different shapes, freehand graffiti, stencils, stickers and sculptures. There are also many urban galleries and clothing shops which host their own exhibitions

Visit Anne Frank’s home

Visit a piece of world history  at the home of diarist Anne Frank. Prinsengracht 263 was the house where one of the most inspirational stories of ww2 was written. The house has a new wing built charting the history of Anti-Semitism. An early arrival is advised especially during the summer.

Heineken experience

A chance to take a self guided tour around one of the oldest and most popular breweries in the world comes in the form of the Heineken experience. Learn the family’s history, watch commercial from all over the world and even ‘become a beer’ through a multimedia exhibit. The best part is having a few pints  with the locals to complete a truly unique experience.

Night bike ride

The easiest way to get around the city is cycling and bicycles have symbolic image played a vital role in securing women’s vote and are now a sign of being a free spirited citizen. The best time to take a bike ride is at night when the city bridges and canals are glowing.

Far East eating experience

Spice up your palette with the many Indonesian restaurants and snack bars like Bojo . They are seen as a choice of celebratory meal so this is for that extra special night out.

The smell of Amsterdam

To experience the smell of bulb flowers like the tulip, head to Keukenhof the world famous flower park. Wander through rows and rows of colourful tulips and admire the blooms. As a homage Netherlands’ favourite flower, the Amsterdam Tulip which has exhibitions and cultural history of the much loved tulip. A very colourful and fragrant activity and should go on your list of things to do in Amsterdam.

Have a picnic!

Vondelpark, the largest green space in Amsterdam, is the ideal place to have a picnic. Here you can find what are the best spots for your little feast. If you want something more energetic, take part in football, cycling or dance activities.