“Spring on the Fun” with See London By Night Bus Tours

Do you love the crisp cool breeze on a warm spring night? Do you feel that there is so much to see and so much to do in London but not enough time? With the kids getting excited about summer and staying up late, why not give them a little taste of London at night as a treat before the real summer fun begins.

With the weather warming up why not take the whole family out on a See London By Night bus tour.  Even if you have seen all the monuments and stops before, you have never seen them like this! See your favourite sites in a whole new shade of light, literally! Seeing London by night is a whole new experience that you must try.

On this open top tour bus no seat is a bad seat. Capture a picture perfect scene of some of London’s most iconic sites.  Watch your kids eyes glow as they gaze into the beautifully lit city.  Lead by some of the best guides, who will inform as well as entertain you, you will have an exceptional time.

Hitting pretty much every location that London is known for this tour is the best way to see everything in just on trip. The tour takes approximately an hour and thirty minutes.  Stopping at places such as:

Tower of London


The Tower of London stood guard over the city since Norman times.  The fits part of the tower built was the White Tower designed by Gundulf a Norman bishop. They began building in 1078 and finished by 1100.  When the tours were completed they stood 90 feet high.  In about 1097 William Rufus built a stone wall around it. For centuries the tower of London was used to hold important prisoners.

Tower Bridge

tower bridge night cropped 2-L

It took eight years to build with the help of five major contractors and 432 construction workers. Over 11,000 tons of steel was needed to create the framework of the towers and walkways. When it was built in 1894 it was the most sophisticated and largest ‘see-saw’ bridge.

Big Ben


In 1834 the Palace of Westminster was destroyed by a fire, it was then decided that in 1844 new buildings for the Houses of Parliament should have a tower and a clock.  The bell first ran in Westminster on May 31st, 1859. Shortly after in September of that same year the bell cracked. They decided to make a lighter hammer that strikes the bell and rotated the bell so the cracked side would not get hit.  This is still the same bell we hear today.

Houses of Parliament


The building that sits on the Thames River is the New Palace  which wasbuilt  between 1840 and 1870. However within the walls is the Great Hall which is all that remains of the Medieval Old palace

Houses of Parliament have changed dramatically over the course of nearly a thousand years of history. It was transformed from royal residence to the home of a modern democracy. The architecture and cultural collections of the Palace and the wider Parliamentary Estate have continually evolved, sometimes by design, sometimes through accident or attack.

The London Eye


The London Eye was built on the banks of River Thames in 1999.  It is 135 meters high and is one of the tallest buildings in the city. It took 7 years to construct and was designed by a number of architects including Mark Sparrowhawk, David Marks, and Julia Barfield.

Interestingly enough The London Eye was not the first big wheel located in London. London once had a wheel constructed in 1895 for the Empire of India Exhibition. The wheel was demolished in 1907 after being used by over 2 million people.

Hop on the tour bus from the Green Park stop located next to the Ritz hotel on Piccadilly.  It is officially the summer seasons for See London By Night bus tours so take advantage of all the hours they have to offer.  From now until September buses will be departing at 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:15, 21:45, and 22:15.


See London By Night will be a fun and educational trip for all. So why not enjoy a night out and see the beautiful sites that London has to offer.