Shark Week at the Sea Life Centre

Shark Week

As alarming research reveals Great Whites are more endangered than Tigers, Sea Life Birmingham and Sea Life Scarborough will hold a ‘Shark Week’ in an urgent bid to raise awareness of the plight of the Shark.

A mix of interactive presentations, fun family activities and a big, blue, cuddly Shark will tell you all you need to know about Sharks, their threatened world and how everyone can do a little bit to help make a big change. The SEA LIFE experts will give bite-sized Shark talks everyday and guests can also check out feeding time. Kids will be thrilled to meet Shakey the Shark on his daily personal appearances and there will also be a fun family quick trail uncovering lots of amazing fish facts around the entire aquarium, with a free prize for every child.

Get all this and more…

Shark Talks

Find out more about our seven different species of shark, including the UK’s first Hammerheads. Learn about the conservation status of these endangered creatures and find out what you can do to help.

Surfer or Seal?

See how sometimes Sharks could mistake surfers for seals in the Ocean Tunnel

Smell Stall!

Did you know that sharks are able to detect a drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimming pool? Visit the smell stall where you will be able to experience how everyday aromas would smell to a shark.

360 Hammerhead Vision Experience

Hammerheads have all-round vision thanks to their unusual-shaped head – see what it’s like to have this unique vision in the Atlantis Mirror Maze

Plus everyday you can enjoy:

  •  Over 60 spectacular marine displays
  •  4-D Cinema – The very latest sensational movie experience
  •  Free Kids Play Area
  •  Free children’s quiz and prize for every child
  •  Touch a Starfish! Interactive rock pool demonstrations throughout the day
Flickr: steve.garner32
Flickr: steve.garner32

Top Ten Shark Facts

1. Sharks as a species are over 400 million years old, meaning this fascinating group pre-dates the Dinosaurs.

2. NOAA Fisheries report that over an estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year.

3. Dr Ronald O’ Dor, senior scientist at the Census  of Marine life, informed scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in San Diego that shocking research by Professor Barbara Block shows there are fewer Great Whites left in the ocean than there are Tigers on the Earth.

4. Sharks never get cancer, and may hold the secret to the cure.

5. A shark’s sense of smell is so good, they can detect one drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimming pool.

6. Lightning is more dangerous than Sharks. More people die from lightning strikes each year than die from being attacked by a shark.

7. Wasps are more dangerous than a shark. There are approximately 100 shark attacks on humans worldwide per year. Only 5-15 of these cases result in death. It is estimated 100 people die a year from an adverse reaction to a wasp sting.

8. The average shark swims at 20-40 miles per hour, but a Mako Shark has been recorded at more than 60 miles per hour.

9. The Whale Shark is the biggest fish living in our oceans.

10. Puffer Fish are immune to becoming shark bait – sharks cannot eat them because the Puffer can blow up in their mouths and prick them with their spiny needles.
Shark Week will be held between the 20th October – 4th November  please check the website for exact dates.