Rain or Shine: activities for the kids in London

London is a giant playground with its limits on things to do as boundless as a child’s imagination. Rain or shine there are many great options for a day out with your children or as a treat for your inner child.  From museums to parks London’s got it all and here are a few of our favourites:

When it Rains
Natural History Museum
A great day out when the weather turns bad. Flickr: stanrandom

Due to the habitual chance rain, London has many indoor attractions that are great for all ages.  Museums are aplenty in London and many are great for children. One of the best is the Natural History Museum. If you or your child loves dinosaurs, strange creatures, space and planets, or cool rocks then this is the place for you. As soon as you walk into the grand Victorian entrance hall you are greeted by a massive Diplodocus skeleton. This is not the only great beast in the museum. The NHM has it all from huge whale bones to a still living T-Rex, well it looks real thanks to some clever robotics Even if your child doesn’t like dinosaurs there is still much to do here. You can also walk next door to the Science Museum or the Victoria and Albert just down the street.

However, if you’re looking for modern giants, then you need to check out the London Transport Museum. The best way to get there is of course by double-decker bus. Located by Covent Garden this is a really cool museum chronicling the history of London’s public transport. It is full of all sorts of fun facts about the world’s oldest subway that both you and your child will love. It is also full of old buses that are always fun to see. They also have a truly great gift shop full of tube memorabilia and old posters for sale. If this seems to tame for you then need to head to wilds of the London Zoo.

When it Shines
London Zoo Lion
The London Zoo is the perfect venue for a greta day out when the weather’s sunny. Flickr: Martin Pettitt

While it’s possible to enjoy a visit to the zoo in the cold drizzle, it’s best seen on a sunny day. The London Zoo is another attraction that is great for all ages and is really one of the best in the world. The zoo opened it’s doors and wowed the public in 1847 with its collection of animals and it’s just as awe inspiring today. Once you’re done at the zoo, enjoy a stroll through Regents Park where the zoo is located.

Should it be too crowded or you want more of a walk head down to Hyde Park. Popular with locals and tourists alike this park is truly magnificent. Walk along the flowers or the Serpentine and enjoy the sun.  While Londoners and tourists always hope for sun, should it rain there are many things to do to keep the children entertained in London.