This week, Twitter UK is hosting the first-ever #MuseumWeek from 23-29 March in celebration of galleries and museums around the globe. Museum-goers will get a virtual (and hopefully real-life) experience of their favourite museums using various hashtags throughout the week. If you love culture, art and travel as much as we do, consider following these Twitter accounts this week to stay up-to-date on each museum’s notable architecture, hidden secrets and fan favourites.

British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most popular in London, with exhibits featuring fascinating displays like mummies (featured until April 19) and art from the Napoleon age. Keep your eye out for the museum’s newest exhibit opening this week on March 26, titled “Defining Beauty” which highlights the importance of the body in ancient Greek art.

The museum has been active on Twitter so far for #MuseumWeek, so if you can’t make it in person, follow the account for insights on exhibitions and culture.


Musée d’Orsay

Did you know the modern-day d’Orsay museum in Paris used to be a train station? Like the British Museum, the d’Orsay is also celebrating #MuseumWeek with fun facts and photos on its Twitter feed.

The museum is known for its impressionist and post-impressionist collection and houses works from world-famous painters like Monet, Renior and Van Gogh.  Current exhibits include Pierre Bonnard’s “Painting Arcadia” and “Unusual Women” tribute recitals.


Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History

Love animals, fossils and all things history? Consider following the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History on Twitter this week for a peek into the past, such as behind-the-scenes of exhibits and different historical photos.

The famous Natural History Museum is only one of nineteen Smithsonian museums, so there’s plenty of other content to view on the Smithsonian’s main Twitter page, @Smithsonian.


National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria, like the rest of these museums, has caught #MuseumWeek fever, so be sure to follow them on Twitter for stunning photos and interesting facts.

With beautiful local and international art – like the world’s largest stained-glass ceiling and paintings by Monet and Picasso – this Australian museum has a lot to brag about this week. Not a local? This is a great way to experience the essence of the museum despite the distance.


Leopold Museum

If you’re more interested in modern art and want to check out a lively Twitter account for #MuseumWeek, consider browsing the Leopold Museum’s timeline. Based in Austria, this museum is home to thousands of pieces of modern art from artists in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Housing the largest collection of Egon Sciele – famous Austrian painter – the Leopold is sure to have some interesting conversations going on this week.


Whether you’re a museum-lover or just a user of social media, be sure to check out these Twitter accounts for the first-ever #MuseumWeek. Museums across the world will be using these hashtags throughout the week, so don’t miss out:

Monday 23 March: #secretsMW
Tuesday 24 March: #souvenirsMW
Wednesday 25 March: #architectureMW
Thursday 26 March: #inspirationMW
Friday 27 March: #familyMW
Saturday 28 March: #favMW
Sunday 29 March: #poseMW

For more information on #MuseumWeek events, visit museumweek2015.