Kids Rule in KidZania


Imagine a city where kids are in charge. A new attraction is here in London. Save money and have fun with the kids at KidZania. KidZania provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment for children between the ages of 4-12.

Thanks to Xavier Lopez Ancona, a Mexican entrepreneur who founded KidZania in 1996,  and has been entertaining  and engaging over 25 million people in over 14 locations around the world; there is a place where Kids can be entertained while learning valuable life skills.

It is a four hour activity where children do what comes naturally to them and role play traditionally adult activities. It is a real life city built to scale for children completed with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy.kidzania3_3352223a-large

Children choose an occupation anything from a fireman, doctor, police officer, journalist, shoe keeper and more and get paid for their work. With over 100 role-playing activities to choose from there is a range of difficulty to meet the abilities and interest of every child.  Police officers perform detective work, chefs cook meals, and pilots navigate airplanes. Kids just pick their occupation, learn about it, and wear the uniform that fits the job and start earning and spending “kidzos” the KidZania currency.


It is a simple concept, the more children work the more they will earn and the more they can experience.  On their first visit children open their own personal savings account at the KidZania bank. They receive cash and a working debit card which can be used at any of the cities ATMs. They can use their money for entertainment and shopping in the city or can save their money for a future

KidZania goes above and beyond by integrating real world brands to sponsor the city’s businesses and activities. This helps enrich each activity by making it more authentic. An airline knows best how to train pilots and run an airport, a bank knows best on how to teach children about investments and savings. Industry partners make the experience possible and empower and inspire and educate children.

The Sponsors vary by KidZania location and represent a mix of multi-national brands  as well as local, country-specific brands.  Some current KidZania sponsors consist of American Airlines, Dominos Pizza, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Johnson& Johnson, Honda and Fuji Film.

Kids will gain real life experience and learn how society functions. They will also learn financial literacy, adult professions, teamwork, and independence. So why not take them to KidZania!