Kew Gardens Celebrates the Bright and the Beautiful

Kew Gardens have opened the Royal Botanical Gardens with a month long celebration festival, ‘Tropical Extravaganza’, which runs until the 4th of March 2012.

The display hosts an impressive collection of over  6,500 exotic orchids and tropical plants in a variety of colours arranged in a ‘Wet Tropical Zone’ and a ‘Forces of Nature’ colour theme, which represent the four natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

The Princess of Wales conservatory at Kew Gardens is immersed in plants with hanging baskets of blue, arches of red and various other planting devices being used to create what they have described as a ‘stunning floral display’.

Kew Gardens said: ‘the zone will be transformed into a landscape of sumptuous tropical plants.

‘Plants include red chillies (Capsicum annuum), stunning orchids such as the purple spotted Miltassia ‘Peggy Ruth’, and vibrant bromeliads, for example, the spiky pink Aechmea ‘Primera’.’

Kew Gardens’ Zone 1 also displays numerous sculptures and atmospheric sounds in an attempt to educate visitors on the importance of the elements in seed distribution among other things.

The purpose of the festival is to highlight Kew Gardens’ global conservation work and to explain how upsetting the natural balance of the elements in our world can have a lasting damaging effect.

Kew Gardens added that ‘The festival aims to illustrate how plants and fungi depend on and moderate the classical elements across our planet’.

Professor Stephen Hopper, director of the Royal Botanical Gardens ran a similar festival last year celebrating the importance of the tropical rainforest and the theme of conservation was just as important then, as it is now.

Stephen Hopper said: ‘We are asking visitors to come and admire the stunning beauty of the display whilst also considering the dangers that this vital habitat faces, before it is too late.