7 Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a wonderful city with intricate yet imposing architecture, streets winding with history and culture, and people with uplifting spirits; it’s a city that cannot be missed. Regardless of the unwelcomed long winter, we’ve composed a list of seven things to make you fall in love with this elegant city. 

Flickr - dun_deagh
Flickr – dun_deagh


 1.      Edinburgh Castle

A visit to Edinburgh without visiting the notorious Edinburgh Castle just wouldn’t be complete. This majestic masterpiece stands tall upon an extinct volcano and declares the city’s skyline.  Be dazzled by the crown jewels, enlightened by the history and be surprised by the 1pm firing of a thunderous field gun.


2.      A View from the Hill Tops

Although the castle sits at the highest point and dominates the skyline, Edinburgh boasts seven hills from which the city can be seen from different angles. Arthur’s Seat, the tallest of them all is a must climb hill for both breathtaking views and so you can go home saying you climbed a volcano! Calton Hill offers equally exceptional views of Edinburgh and overlooks the Old Town, Princess St and the Parthenon and Nelsons Monument.


3.      National Gallery of Modern Art

Not everyone is interested in history. Some of you may prefer attractions with a modern vibe. The Scottish Capital definitely has this on offer. This art gallery comprises a collection of both contemporary and modern art from major artists including Matisse and Picasso. You can also enjoy coffee on the terrace and ice-cream to calm the kids.


4.      Spooks and Thrills

The best way to see the city is on foot, and despite the city’s marvels during the day it definitely has a dark side. The dark tours of Real Mary King’s Close revealing the 17th plague will spook you right the way back to your hotel.

If the ghosts aren’t enough and you’re still in need of a thrill then head on down to the Edinburgh Dungeon where you’ll be screaming down the rides and jumping around every corner as you take a walk down Scotland’s Gruesome past.

Flickr: Arkadiusz Benedykt
Flickr: Arkadiusz Benedykt








5.      Scottish Whisky Museum

For all the whisky lovers, this is your paradise. Experience a barrel ride as you tour through the various stages of the whisky making process. Of course, one of the real highlights is being able to taste the whiskies too. And as for those of you who haven’t tried whisky beyond the standard Jack Daniels, you’re in for a real treat and will go home a whisky expert.


Flickr: apes_abroad
Flickr: apes_abroad

6.      Enjoy a Natural Botanic Beauty

Sometimes just enjoying natural, expense-free attractions can be surprisingly enjoyable. This versatile city not only boasts an extinct volcano, a vibrant city life and an array of historical monuments, but it’s also is home to the Royal Botanic Gardens right in the heart of the city centre. From the inside, it’s hard to imagine that you’re located in a bustling city, so it’s the perfect get away for some peace and quiet.


7.      See Yourself Like Never Before at Camera Obscura

If you didn’t fancy trekking up any of the seven hills but wish you could’ve seen the views, this is a must-visit attraction for you. The rooftop views offer 360 degrees panorama of the city and binoculars to extend your view into the city and beyond. Ever wondered what it would be if you were taller or shorter? Or have you ever wondered yourself as an ape? It’s probably best you keep that second thought to yourself and visit the Puzzling Zone to fulfil both curiosities.