Astronomy Day at the London Wetland Centre

Sun-SurfaceOn the 17th of February you’ll have the rare chance to view solar flares and sunspots on the surface of our closest star. The London Wetland Centre will be hosting a viewing where visitors will get the chance to view the activity displayed live on-screen using special equipment.

Astronomia, specialists in astronomy equipment, will be setting up in the Wetland Centre’s courtyard. Visitors will be able to safely see the activity on the surface of the sun using their solar telescopes.

Solar events can directly affect the Earth’s weather. Live recordings of the solar activity coupled with detailed explanations will give guests a unique insight into the lifecycle of the sun.

london-wetland-centre-days-outOnce you’ve viewed the sun’s surface via telescope, you’ll then get to take part in the planetarium show ‘Tour of the Universe’. In this high energy display, Neil Phillipson, resident astrophysicist for Astronomia, will take you through the tour teaching you all there is to know about the planets, stars and galaxies demonstrating the cosmic scale of some of the most powerful bodies in the night sky.


The viewing and the planetarium show are free with paid visitation to the centre and here you can get a 20% discounts on entry to the London Wetland Centre.