5 New Ways to Spend Father’s Day

Let’s face it, it’s always tricky to come up with a surprise for your dad…Another Father’s Day and you want to make it special for him. Whether your father is a foodie or simply into sports, Smartsave is here to help you with ideas to suit any taste.



If you feel that your father needs some hints on how to move around the kitchen and be able to tell the difference between tagliatelle and pappardelle, then book him a class at one of Jamie Oliver’s cooking schools. Recipease has got a number of locations and a vibrant atmosphere to make your dad’s cooking experience fun and easy. Expertly guided by highly skilled chefs your dad will become a master of Mexican street food or a pro at bread making. Once the class is over, let him show off and impress the family with the new techniques and delicious dishes!

Learn to cook like a master chef at Jamie Oliver's Recipease. Flickr: a_marga
Learn to cook like a master chef at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease.
Flickr: a_marga



Find out if your dad is a big equestrian fan by taking him to Royal Ascot. Hugely celebrated, Ascot is a paramount event in British Summer season and is a must-see for those who love horses. Your dad will get to see the best breeds and the most expensive racing horses in the world. Browsing around with a glass of champagne, he will be surrounded by aristocracy and the elite. And just to make it a bit more exciting, encourage him to try his luck by placing a bet.



Does everything freeze around you dad when there’s a football match on TV? If yes, why not to sweeten his hobby with an exciting tour around Chelsea Football Stadium! The tour will shed light on some areas, commonly not available for the spectators. Your dad will get into the Press Room where all the reports come from and visit the dressing rooms of his favourite players. To make it even more memorable, tour guides will take him to experience the chanting of thousands of fans as normally heard during a real match.

Enjoy a day out at Chelsea Stadium with a 20% discount from Smartsave. FLickr: Crystal-Cruz
Enjoy a day out at Chelsea Stadium with a 20% discount from Smartsave.
FLickr: Crystal-Cruz



Get your dad a ticket to the Olympia International Fine Arts and Antiques Exhibition for a day full of art and culture. Located at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, this event will surprise and satisfy even the most demanding personas. Your father will get closer to the world of fine paintings, antique furniture and jewellery masterpieces. Who knows, maybe there’s a secret collector waiting to be unleashed.



To introduce you dad to new spirits and make his experience unforgettable, take him to London’s first distillery, located in Hammersmith. Sipsmith Distillery will be proud to take your father on a tutor tasting tour where he will be introduced  to award winning spirits with hundred-year-old recipes. He will learn about the history of distillery craft and the secrets of making artisan spirits.