25 Can’t Fail Techniques for Beating Holiday Boredom

boredomHoliday’s are stressful, but if you’ve got a team of bored kids to entertain on top of everything else then it can be an absolute nightmare.

Even the most boring of holidays can be turned around; you just have to know what to do.

However, coming up with ideas can be tough when you don’t have a clue. So here are 25 things you can do right now to kill your holiday boredom.

1.    Ban all television/computers/phones…. Force yourself to look beyond your normal methods of entertainment
2.    Play games… better yet, invent your own!
3.    Cook up a new recipe or bake a cake
4.    Go shopping, even if it’s just for groceries
5.    Take the kids to the cinema
6.    Pack a picnic and venture out to find a nice spot
7.    Offer to walk the neighbours dogs or walk your own if you have any
8.    Fly a kite!
9.    Go for a jog or a run somewhere scenic and close by, such as a beach or a woodland area
10.    Play eye spy. No children necessary
11.    Draw a picture
12.    Hold a tea party with the kids, after all, they need entertaining too
13.    Visit  a petting farm
14.    Build a house out of LEGO
15.    Feed ducks, or feed birds if there are no duck ponds nearby
16.    Gather the family for a walk around the local area. You never know what fun you might find
17.    Learn a new craft or hobby
18.    Take the kids to the park
19.    Visit a local museum or gallery
20.    Peer into rock pools at your local Sea Life Centre
21.    Investigate the wildlife in your local garden or woodland
22.    Take a pack of crayons and paper outside and get the kids to make crayon rubbings on all the interesting surfaces they come across
23.    Read a book
24.    Read a book to your kids
25.    Go and introduce yourself to your holiday neighbours