Things to do in Paris

Paris - the City of Lights, the City of Romance and the City of Fashion; it is a place where magic is around each and every corner. Whether you're here for a day or a week Paris will be sure to fulfil your deepest desires. It is home to the famous Eiffel Tower, world-renowned fashion designers and shopping districts and mesmerizing museums of art, culture and history. This sophisticated and dynamic city is hard not to fall in love with.


What to do in Paris

There's more than meets the eye when you're in Paris, it's a place that has to be experienced to be understood. Beyond the main sights and attractions is a city waiting to be explored. As you take a walk along the cobbled streets you can appreciate French architecture, whilst indulging in exquisite cuisines from fresh baguettes to mouth-watering macaroons (and if you're a little more daring, some snails!). Paris also offers an exciting and vibrant arena of nightlife with an array of spectacular bars, clubs and cabarets that are constantly buzzing with energy.

Paris' excitement doesn't stop in the city. If you've enjoyed the urban arena and are looking for a little more fun and an incredible family day out, Disneyland Paris will add that extra magical touch to your experience. From writers and artists to shopaholics and lovers, this captivating city offers an independent experience for everyone. Once you've visited you'll fall in love and won't want to leave, and once you've left you won't be able to stay away for long.