Things to do in Liverpool

This Merseyside city is one of England's greats. Founded in 1207, Liverpool is often recognized as one of Britain's most visually pleasing cities. Settled on the ocean, Liverpool encompasses a variety of architectural styles, from 16th century Tudor to contemporary. Several areas of the city centre have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Liverpool is home to not one, but two majestic cathedrals. Visit Liverpool for world-class museums, art galleries and more! With more galleries and national museums that any other UK city with the exception of London, you will always find things to do in Liverpool. From music to performing arts the city pulses with energy from dawn til dusk and beyond! A 2008 European Capital of Culture, visitors to Liverpool will never be disappointed.


What to do in Liverpool?

At the top of any visitor's "What to Do in Liverpool" list should be a visit to the Cultural Quarter. From museums and art galleries to extensive libraries, there is something for everyone! Liverpool is also famous as a musical hub, home to the UK's oldest classical orchestra and the Beatles! It is also the Capital of Pop, with more top hits coming from Liverpudlian artists than any other in the world! If you're in a sporting mood, Liverpool is home to Liverpool F.C. and Everton F.C., two of England's most successful football clubs. There are always things to do in Liverpool; the only difficulty is trying to do them all!