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Kulturinsel Einsiedel

Since 2010 guests are invited to come and see the grandest and most impressive architectural structure of the cultural island, a facsimile of a Turisedan coronation hall, the so-called KRÖNUM. The building, made from locusts, spruces and natural stones, resurrects the traditions and ancient customs of a legendary people, the Turisedans and puts you right in the centre of their celebrations.

“It makes the tree-houses pale in comparison” (Jürgen Bergmann, initiator and director of the cultural island)

The 4 hour vaudeville show, entitled “Theatre and Dinner”, is accompanied by a delicious 5-course meal, which offers treats for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Be prepared to see an enormous building filled with the smells of white salvia and fresh orange blossoms, when you enter the hall through the gates dressed in the traditional robes of the Turisedan tribe. You will be seated on furniture carved by hand and you will experience the grand delicacies offered to you, while enjoying a show that not only presents acrobatics, but theatre, stunning light effects and music as well.
During the time period from May to November there are over 80 shows for you to enjoy. 

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Kulturinsel Einsiedel Einsiedel 1, Neißeaue, 02829 Neißeaue, DE

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