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Smartsave is part of Metropolis International Group's Reward and Loyalty Division, a market leader in providing direct to consumer, corporate and public sector reward and loyalty programmes. Smartsave offers great savings at thousands of participating attractions, restaurants, leisure activities, hotels, entertainment venues and shopping outlets.

Smartsave is a pioneer in offering discounts to consumers through a variety of distribution channels including guide books, street maps, directories, websites and mobile apps. The Smartsave programme offers families and individuals savings in the UK, USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands. By simply presenting the Smartsave code, users are able to save a simple 20% off the entrance ticket or total food and drinks bill for up to 6 people at any of the participating merchant partners.

Smartsave Technology Platform

Smartsave uses a unique technology platform for promoting merchants and providing instant rewards to customers. Smartsave's electronic terminals are deployed in merchants and provide an easy-to-use customer redemption mechanism, complete with individual receipts and point-of-sale reports for a merchant's auditing and tracking purposes. Smartsave point-of-sale terminals accept:

  • > Magstripe cards
  • > Smart/Chip cards
  • > Bar Codes
  • > Code Numbers (printed, web, smartphone and text)

A customer presents a valid card or code number to a merchant, which is swiped or entered into terminals to redeem a specific benefit at point-of-sale. A receipt is produced by the terminal and kept by the merchant as validation of the transaction. Smartsave technology allows for remote reprogramming of terminals to accept new cards/code numbers (often using existing membership cards as a mechanic). It can also be programmed to offer a variety of point-of-sale offers such as static discounts, percentage discounts, and accrual of points. Furthermore our Smartsave Web, Smartphone, and text message applications can be tailored for specific programmes.

The Smartsave electronic platform is ideal for consolidating promotions and Metropolis can also provide access to powerful (10 million+ users per annum) promotions through its Smartsave rewards and loyalty programmes.


Metropolis International Group is a media group, established in 1994 that specialises in consumer, business and travel publishing alongside websites, awards, events, public sector contracts and reward & benefit programmes for consumers and corporate and partners. It currently employs 200 people and has offices in West London, Croydon, Bolton, Devon and New York. To inquire about how you can join our programme, please contact us on

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