Things to do in Florida

Encased by miles of beautiful coastline that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and traversed by numerous wetlands and waterways, Florida is a haven for water lovers and is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in America. Known as 'The Sunshine State' Florida enjoys warm and sunny weather for the majority of the year, with perfect conditions for enjoying its countless sandy shores. A world renowned authority on fun, Florida attractions are some of the world's most entertaining and include a range of delights suitable to most people. Florida provides something for the peace-seekers, as well as for the adventurous types and is one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide and those who visit Florida continue to do so year after year.

For anyone looking for some peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a quiet beach is the perfect destination to lay back and read a book under the warm rays and for those who want action and sport, Florida theme parks hold worldwide first class status playing host to some of the greatest rides and amusements. Florida amusement parks provide the world's most excellent thrills whether you're a movie buff or an animal enthusiast, Florida will have something for you to enjoy.

Not only is Florida a haven of natural beauty to be explored, but also has its share of history and national heritage sites. Enjoy the countless museums and galleries that Florida has to offer and learn about the rich history and diversity of those who inhabit the peninsula or for something more metropolitan, discover Florida's fabulous nightlife at the many bars and clubs to be found within Florida's popular cities. No matter what your interests and no matter what type of break you're after, Florida will surely delight you.